Good morning… maybe

Good morning…….well, maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. That’s the way life works.

I am writing to the person who is put off, dissatisfied with organized religion. (The one who tried church but found way too many hypocrites.) The person who knows how imperfect they are and tired of pretending life was going just the way they hoped it would. The individual who resented being told how to live when how they lived seemed more real than the people telling them how they were supposed to be.

This is for you. If you long for something else, if you feel you’re missing out, life is passing you by, you are barely hanging on…….listen……listen…..please listen; Jesus is WITH YOU. Jesus had a real disdain for both organized religion and hypocrites. (Well, he loves hypocrites, for which I’m grateful.)

This is for you. Maybe a really disorganized church is what you need. Maybe a place where you can be yourself and no one will judge you is what you need. Maybe a place where hugs and smiles and acceptance and welcome are welcomed. Maybe a place where all that’s required is LOVE.

We are a Church of Christ that obeys Scripture by letting women actually speak. Read your Bible, thank you. And we also “sing and make melody in our hearts”……….with a guitar. And, get this, you are really gonna like this: WE DON’T MEET ON SUNDAY NIGHT.

If you need love, or have enough to share, come join us Sunday morning. It could be a life-changer. But, it might not be. That’s the way life works.

We start at 9:30. Around 9:30. Not exactly usually on time.