Healing Hands International

When was the last time you were truly thankful for clean water? Maybe you always take it for granted. So many of us do. We are so blessed to have been born and reared in this country. Always having pretty much all we need or even want.

You may not know this: it is estimated that 4500 children will die today on our planet because they do not have access to clean water. Please read that last sentence again. Forty five hundred. I bang on Heaven’s door and ask God to do something about it.

God’s response? He has provided all the resources people on the earth need. Too many people are only concerned about their own lives. Too many just don’t care that other people are doing without basic necessities.

A few years ago a friend named Grant invited our little church to care enough about others in our world to raise money for a group called “Healing Hands International.” The group is instrumental in digging wells for clean water in poverty stricken countries in our world.

We accepted the invitation to contribute to this good work. Not only because Grant suggested it, but because Jesus had already said how important it is to be a caring person. Remember the judgment scene in Scripture? To paraphrase; ” Heaven awaits you because when I was sick and hungry and in prison and naked and THIRSTY you cared.” Sobering thought.

That year our church raised almost $16,000 and three wells were dug.
People were given what they need. Clean. Fresh. Water.

We have felt again the Call to be a part of this good work. And we ask for your help. If God puts it on your heart to partner with us, please pray for this work. If God nudges you further, maybe to give toward a well, please send a check to: Community Church, PO Box 51174, Bowling Green, Ky. 42102.

Know that every penny will be sent to dig a well. Absolutely nothing will be taken for our group.
We will keep you updated on the progress.
Your friend,