It’s Friday… But Sunday’s coming.

Good Friday? The best Man to ever live nailed to a tree. Good Friday? Nails holding Him between Heaven and Earth until he dies. Good Friday? Body laid in a borrowed grave. Good Friday? Disciples running away in fear because all is lost. Good Friday?
All our apprehensions and fears about what happens to good people are true. Death has the final word. Oh….but it’s just “Good” Friday.

Sunday’s coming!! Very early on that first Easter, a lady friend goes to the tomb to say her final goodbye. Think about this; expecting a dead man, Mary finds HIS TOMB IS EMPTY. When she thought it was all over, Jesus came back from the place of dead people to the land of the living. Death couldn’t keep Him as a victim. Satan messed with the wrong Man.

This Easter, two billion people will gather to celebrate Jesus’ victory over the grave. That’s a lot of people who have an experience with our Jesus. Shows the power of His love. For everyone. Including you.

If you don’t have a church to celebrate Jesus with, please join us. We gather at 10:30. You will be welcomed.

Sunday is coming!